Winter Olympic Medals per Capita since 2002

The 2018 Winter Games kicked off last night, and in celebration, here's a Tableau visualization that I put together showing which countries have won the most Winter Olympic Medals PER CITIZEN since the 2002 games.

I have medals per capita metric on the Y-axis and GDP per capita on the X-axis. The countries are sized by the absolute number of medals won. Also, if you hover your cursor above a country, some additional data is displayed.

A fine example is the good ole' USA, which has the MOST medals overall since 2002 (hence the biggest circle) but is actually near the BOTTOM of this chart. Despite the impressive number of medals the USA has won, we have vastly under performed most countries on a per capita basis. The USA averaged 31 medals per Winter Games since 2012, but with about 325M citizens, that comes out to just under 1 medal per 10M citizens per games. I'd be willing to bet that obesity in the United States has something to do with that.

The undisputed per capita champion is Norway with about 44 medals per winter games per 10 million citizens, more than double the runner-up Austria (21). Norway, with a population of just 5.3 million, has averaged 23 medals per games.

When you work out the math, you see that the average Norwegian is about 46X as likely as the average America to win a Winter Olympic medal. Most of Norway's disproportionate dominance comes from their strength in the skiing events, especially cross-country skiing.

Check out the data for yourself, there are tons of interesting surprises between the various countries!

If the embedded link doesn't work, I believe the link below show work. If neither work, please let me know ASAP.!/vizhome/WinterOlympics_10/Sheet1