Buddhism vs Stoicism: Two Surprisingly Similar Philosophies

Despite arising independently in two very different places and times. Buddhism (founded in ancient India in the 4th-6th centuries BCE) and Stoicism (developed in Rome and Greece in the between the 3rd century BCE and 3rd century CE ) have some very similar core tenets and practices. 

I created an original info-graphic (my first ever) to summarize some of these key similarities. I am a big fan of these two philosophies and try to utilize them as much as I can in my own life. 

For books on Buddhism I recommend either the actual (challenging) ancient texts or, if you're looking for something easier to digest, Seeing Yourself As You Really Are by Dalai Lama XIV . For more on Stoicism I recommend The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I have tried three different meditation apps (Insight Timer, Simple Habit, and 10% Happier) and rank them in that order with Insight Timer being by far my favorite. Thanks to my good friend Dr. Liz Rosenthal for turning me on to Insight Timer.