Here I'm going to try starting a running list of Big Ideas. This will likely be a slow, incremental process, that will take many years/decades/rest of my life. This idea was inspired by the 113 Mental Models on the truly amazing Farnam Street Blog and so you can rightly think of this page as a "poor man's" rip-off of Shane Parrish's excellent work. There will be plenty of overlap, but I'm definitely going to add many Big Ideas that are not on Farnam's list.

Once the list gets rolling, I hope to provide for each Big Idea both cool links from subject matter experts, and links to my own content that falls under those categories.

The following are placeholders for now:

Evolution by Natural Selection

Network Effects

Deliberate Practice

Exponential Compounding

Probabilistic Thinking

Expected Value

Moonshot Thinking

Deathbed Thinking

Confirmation Bias


Never Eat Alone

Leverage/Force Multiplier